How to Perform Employee Screening

An employee is constantly under screening from the time that they are employed up to the time that their employment period is over. The employer has to keep on evaluating their employers by constantly screening their work performance, health and criminal records. When an employee is aware that they are constantly on check, they tend to operate with caution and care. This is a method which the employer is able to know the character of their employees and their productivity levels. They are able to detect any problem early in the day before situations get out of hand. When productivity is lowered, an employer can decide to conduct an evaluation of his employees on an individual basis. From here he is likely to establish the potential reason why an employee’s productivity has been drastically reduced.

employee_screeningInformation from Previous Employers

Each and every employee who has moved from one employer to another should ensure that they leave a good and clean legacy. They should avoid leaving bad reputations at all costs. This is because, a potential employer is likely to want to know how they worked with their previous employer. The employer will always give the exact picture of the person. Therefore a hardworking individual will always benefit from positive reviews. A lazy one will also get negative reviews from their former employer. This is likely to interfere with the initial hiring process. If done after one has been employed, then the current employer is likely to make the employee aware of the same problem they are having, just as like with the former employer.

pre-employment-screening-3-problemsReferences from Others

People should be themselves and try as much as possible to maintain good relations with each other. Employees should strive at producing the desired results to the best of their ability. This is because some of the employees give information to the authority just as they are. Therefore the things one does when not under supervision should be done with a lot of care. Some employees are trusted employees by their employer until they are employed as spies too. They are planted as spies by their employers among the junior employees. They act as the screening eye of their employer when they are not around. Some people may wonder how their bosses have an eye on them even on the things they do in their absence.

Criminal Records

Another way of employee screening is by going through the criminal records of an individual. Employers can have an access to these records if need be. A criminal free citizen is also offered with a certificate of good conduct. This is usually offered by the criminal investigation department in conjunction with the police department. It is usually periodical and an individual can update when needed to. The employer can go through all the criminal records especially before being employed on sensitive positions that require transparency and trust. Learn more about importance of employee screening search.