How To Locate A Drunk Driving Attorney? 

DUI is a severe offense, and can lead to many consequences. It stands for Driving Under the Influence of drugs and alcohol. If you decide to sit behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, you risk putting the lives of innocent individuals in danger. As we all know, alcohol slows down our reaction time. If something happens on the road, you won’t be able to react as fast as you would completely sober. It takes only a second to cause an accident, which can lead to injuries, even death.


However, it doesn’t apply only to cars. You should avoid other vehicles as well, such as boats, trucks, and more. You shouldn’t take DUI charges lightly. Some of the penalties include jail time, the loss of driving privileges, and fines. Some people plead guilty because they are scared of confronting the police. Others want to handle the matter on their own, without professionals. Keep in mind that, if you get convicted, it will go on your criminal record. With the help of experts, you could avoid severe penalties. You might even get the charges dropped. If this happens to you, you might benefit from hiring Bruckheim & Patel – DC DWI lawyer.

What can an attorney do for you?

If you get charged with DUI, every move you make from the arrest to the moment of stepping into court can affect the outcome of the case. A lawyer can tell you what to do and what to avoid, as well as explain your rights under the law. In addition, he will examine the circumstances surrounding your situation, evidence, reports, and start building your case.


If you have been arrested for DWI, because of the blood alcohol reading significantly over the legal limit, it is crucial to have a lawyer by your side. He will explain possible alternatives for moving forward, and how to respond to the charges. If you plan to join a profession that involves driving, a conviction for DUI can have severe consequences. An attorney will give you advice regarding the long-term impact of conviction, and assist in making smart decisions about potential plea deals. If you accept a conviction on a lesser charge, it might be the wrong choice if it has an impact on your future career.

How to locate the best lawyer?

When trying to find a DUI attorney, don’t rely on their claim of being competent to handle these cases. Make sure a professional you want to hire is specialized in them, being familiar is not enough. Most of all, avoid those claiming they can handle any type of case, it is better to choose someone with advance training on the specific field.

An expert you are thinking of hiring should be familiar with the devices used when testing your sobriety. It is necessary because your defense might depend on it. They also need to have the proper knowledge of the tests conducted in the field. Finally, don’t go with an attorney who tells you what the outcome of your case will be in your initial meeting. A good lawyer will have to go through all facts before telling you anything.