Colorbond Roof Options

Different types of roofing designs and materials are available. In Australia, metal roofing is on the boom. Not that other roofing materials are being avoided, they are just not being used as much as the metals are. It’s surprising that metal is ruling the market but that has its reasons. To confirm this, just walk with your eyes open anywhere in Australia. New projects are probably having metal sheets being installed on the roofs. One could have expected the tiles to be trending but oops, it’s the other way round. While tiles give the architectural value, they are expensive and leaky mostly. People are seeking for other better options and colorbond roofing is their new option.

If you have been wondering what your options are when you select metal roofing, well, there are so many.

  1. Eco-friendly

roof_colourThe environment around us sustains us. Without it being at its best, we have to suffer in some way. Many roofing materials have been invented as at now. While some are dangerous to the ecosystems, metal sheeting remains harmless. Metal roofing was not invented yesterday. It has been a roofing option for long now. For all the past years, there has not been complaints of it harming the environment in any way. After the sheets wear away, recycling comes next. Heating costs are also reduced with metals being very simple to insulate and heat.

  1. The look is superb

By the look of it, you note that metal sheeting is actually a nice roof. For aesthetic purposes, the metal is not left behind. In fact, it has already surpassed other materials believed to be more beautiful like the tiles. The metal sheets can be shaped into different profiles with some of them being incredible. Again, these sheets can be pre-painted with different durable colors as you desire to increase their beauty. It means that you can have them customized according to your desired style. That’s a feature to note. Tiles won’t let you play around with them as you want.

  1. Durability

The fact that metal is the main material increases the lifetime of the sheets. You don’t expect metal to melt or wither like wood shingles might do. The biggest blame for metal roofing is the corrosion. Even this is not a problem these days. There are ways to control that one of them being to effectively paint them. Alloying and zinc coating are also effective methods. After fixing them in position, you can expect no or minimal maintenance for the next 5 decades. During this time, your roof wont leak and it will be flexible to avoid damage by the scotching sun.

  1. Flexible

Metal sheets are not only applicable for roofs. They can also be very nice for walling and fencing. They have been used for preliminary temporal fencing in construction projects to date. Still on flexibility, you can use them on every house roof as you may see fit. It may be commercial or residential and even industrial. They are multi-purpose roofing materials.