Best way to contact Groupon Customer Service

The Groupon About page has been found to be more helpful than the actual support page of the website. This is especially the case when one is looking to contact a real person to respond to their queries. There are a number of ways that one can reach Groupon and these include phone, online support form, email or even snail mail. Before contacting them, it is important to ensure that you check the timeline since theirs runs using Illinois time which is -6. Nevertheless, there will always be someone who is there to respond to your queries.

This company normally offers 24/7 customer service which means that whenever you contact them, there will be someone who will be there to respond. Some of the ways that one can contact these people include;

Email customer service support

This is one of the quickest methods that one can use to contact them. It has an average reply time of around thirty minutes which makes it a more effective way of contacting these people. Considering that there is always a team who are ready waiting to solve your issues, then you will not be waiting for long to have your problem solved. They have also brought together a social media team which is also fully operational. They are good whenever you feel that the answer you got wasn’t satisfactory. The  in the UK is the contact you can use to get through. This social media team is the one which will assess your issue and then direct it to the right support department to handle it.

The online form

You also have the option of trying the online form. It mostly works for the longer processes which could consume a lot of time trying to solve it using the email method. If you have an issue which may require you giving out a lot of information, then you can try contacting through Groupon Customer service page so as to report your case. For those people who may have questions about their online orders, the customer service page would be the best channel to approach this.

In this form, you will be asked for a brief description of the issue at hand and then you will be directed to a relevant FAQs. Should these ones fail to address your issue, then you will be provided with an email or even a phone contact which you can use for further inquiries.

Use the social media

Groupon comes with a number of social media accounts which you can use to reach them. On twitter, they can be found on @GrouponHelpUs. These accounts are the ones which direct you to contact the Groupon customer service center through a phone or email. However, they may be able to offer you quick help.

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