Asda Customer Service

Most people prefer an efficient retailing store; one that they can have most of their shopping needs taken care of all at one-stop shop. It can be that the retailing store has several branches countrywide, or still be that is offers home deliveries to their customers at need. Asda is offers both. It is a leading retailing store in Britain, with over 500 stores all across UK. Apart from being a retailing supermarket,  Asda offers other services like loans, travel money exchanges and insurance covers. For any enquires on placed orders or any related information, Asda customers can contact the help team through the following modes:

Personal accounts

When a customer becomes part of the Asda community, they are required to open a free customer account. This account opens customers to several benefits, like being able to pay through cash cards and mobile wallets. Customers also become eligible to enjoy gift cards and bonuses; the more they shop in Asda stores. Using this account, customers can also make any claims of exchanging or cancelling an order. With the information provided in the profile details, the Asda stores staff gets to know where to make the delivery to in case you place a certain order awaiting delivery.

Email address

Asda has a supply management team which handles all the deliveries and shipment of goods and services. It also forwards and gets information from Asda management team and trading partners. For all trading customer support information, customers can send an email to this help team. ‘’. When the information is received, the supply management team analyses the issue and classifies it into the relevant topic. After that, the issue is forwarded to Asda top management team. This is done through Asda staff meetings and conferences. It came also be forwarded to the Walmart supply management. This is because of the fact that Asda is part of Walmart.

Physical address

Customers who wish to get a one to one engagement with Asda management team can visit the Asda headquarters themselves. This is essential and effective for customers who have several and wide variety of needs. It can also be easier for customers who live near the headquarters. The physical address for Asda is ASDA House, in south bank. It is in Wilson Street Leeds; ‘LS11 5AD’.


Asda customer services can also be accessed using a customer toll-free help line. The help line number is 0800 952 6060. It can be accessed throughout the week, from 7.30 in the morning to 10.30 in the pm. An Asda representative gets in touch with the customer and offers the needed advice soon enough. It also makes it a convenient way of communication because it is available all week through. You can also contact Currys service.

Asda stores

There are over five hundred Asda stores in the UK. The stores are staffed with Asda representatives who can offer any advice on Asda and related products and services. Customers can visit any of these stores and get all their customer help services.

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