The Serta Perfect Sleeper Product Review

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is one of the best rated mattresses available from the Serta mattress company. Why is it the perfect mattress for you? The mattress is dubbed the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation because it was made with insights from the foundation to help you have a perfect night’s sleep. Does sleep become more and more elusive for you as days go by? The Serta mattress is a good fit for you then because it will make you sleep like a baby. The Serta perfect sleeper has won the company awards like the 2014 – 2017 Women’s Choice Award and previously the Consumer Digest Best Mattress Award.

Why is the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress so highly rated? For once it helps to get rid of 5 common sleeping problems which are; the problem of tossing and turning, it reduces movement of the mattress when your partner moves, it regulates body temperature, it resists sagging and slipping off the edge and finally it solves the problem of lack of support. All these go into ensuring that you not only get the best night’s sleep but you also avoid and alleviate back problems. You can take a look at 7 reasons to buy leesa matress.

The ‘springed’ variety of the mattress is made with the coil springs of high gauge. This makes the springs very durable and tough. The springs are then positioned in zones, with a high density of springs where they are needed by the body. This zoning helps to distribute body weight evenly and support the body fully when you are sleeping. The coils are also pocket coils in order to reduce motion of the mattress where it is not required. The springs are also made in the free flex system which is the most durable.

The Serta perfect sleeper is made of memory foam that is infused with gel. This makes the mattress the most breathable which is what helps to regulate the body temperature. Other companies just use a layer of gel on their mattresses but Serta has gone a notch higher. The mattress is also made of materials that can resist an open flame. This makes the mattress very safe to have even for children. The gel also aids in providing more support than a normal memory foam mattress would. Another great thing about it is that you can save some money on this purchase thanks to Leesa Coupon.

The Serta perfect sleeper may also be available with a motion perfect adjustable base. The base can be adjusted by use of a remote control to recline or elevate so that you are able to sleep at your most comfortable position. The system is able to match with the mattress well giving you seamless movements between it and the mattress. You can find out more about this product if you take a look at In-depth Leesa Mattress Review (with video).

These are just some of the properties of the Serta Perfect Sleeper which has made it win accolades for its company.  The innovation of the company continues to change so expect the product to keep getting better.